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Everyone loves to have a radiant smile. However, that doesn’t always happen naturally. If you lack confidence in your dental aesthetics, Dr. Jennifer Tung and Dr. Patricia Mu at Redmond Dental offer quality cosmetic services to can help you achieve your picture-perfect smile. Whether you are looking to replace an old, damaged restoration with a beautiful upgrade, or want to enhance dental beauty, Dr. Tung and Dr. Mu will choose the best procedure to optimize your oral health and self-confidence.


Options Available at Redmond Dentalcosmetic dentistry in redmond

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on making your teeth visually appealing overall. Making them straighter, whiter, and brighter may require several different cosmetic procedures depending on your specific needs and goals. The team at Redmond Dental will work closely with you to craft a personalized treatment plan to best suit you. 

Our practice provides the following services:

An initial evaluation of your dental state will detect any underlying concerns that may obstruct or hinder your cosmetic procedure. If you’re well enough to receive treatment, our dentists will create a custom treatment plan that covers your budget, expected timeline, and cosmetic goals.

After your consultation, we do a diagnostic wax-up model of your restored smile that gives the team at Redmond Dental a record of what you want. We can begin the process with your ultimate results already identified, and you can see for yourself how your smile will turn out.

If you decide to proceed, your teeth are prepped, and you leave that same day with temporaries crafted so that you can “test-drive” your new smile. We work with a local lab whose reputation is built on their trustworthy and skillful service, which has, time and again, translated into long-lasting, beautiful results for our patients. They create veneers and crowns from full porcelain or Zirconia, customizing the shade of these options so that these possess the appearance of a naturally beautiful smile.

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At Redmond Dental, we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy, confident smile. We invest heavily in our continuing education and our technology to make sure your results are beautiful and long-lasting. Our doctors have plenty of experience and knowledge and know what to do to help you reach your goals.

Don’t settle for a smile that makes you unhappy, call us today for a complete evaluation and cosmetic dentistry consultation.