Composite Fillings

Quality Redmond Composite Resin Fillings

It can be easy to forget that although your teeth are durable and withstand decades of biting and chewing, they're susceptible to damage. Whether your tooth has been affected by decay or it's been fractured, composite dental fillings may be the perfect restorative option for you. As a conservative dental treatment, fillings are minimally invasive and reliably repair your tooth.

At Redmond Dental, we're proud to provide composite resin fillings to Redmond residents and those in its surrounding areas. You can rest assured that our friendly and skilled dental team, led by Dr. Patricia Mu, will work to ensure your overall experience is as streamlined as possible. We can't wait to meet you and help restore your teeth to looking and feeling their best. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!


What Are Conservative Composites?

Conservative composite, or tooth-colored fillings, are restorations designed to reinforce areas of your teeth affected by small to medium-sized damage or decay. Tooth-colored fillings are ideal for restoring the front or back of your teeth, which helps make them a versatile option for various situations.

A significant benefit of composite resin fillings is that they're made to match the natural appearance of your teeth so that they can seamlessly blend in with your smile. Above all else, composite dental fillings are a conservative treatment for patients of all ages. Their minimally invasive nature makes them perfect for those with dental anxiety or individuals not interested in invasive dental procedures.

5 Benefits of Conservative Composites

Our dental team is here for you if you're unsure whether conservative composite fillings are right for your smile. Dr. Mu and her team are happy to walk you through the procedure and address any concerns. Some of the reasons conservative composite fillings may meet your needs include:

  1. Natural appearance: Unlike amalgam fillings, which are metallic, composite dental fillings appear white and blend in with your tooth. As such, you don't have to feel self-conscious about your fillings drawing unwanted attention to your smile.
  2. Non-toxic: Traditional metal fillings are known to contain harmful materials like mercury. Composite fillings are made of non-toxic plastic and ceramic for a safe alternative.
  3. Quick application: One of the greatest benefits of composite dental fillings is that they take as little as a single dental visit to apply. This makes it excellent if you have a busy schedule and must continue your day after your appointment.
  4. Easily repaired: Although composite fillings are durable, they can naturally degrade over time. Whether your filling is damaged or falls out, our team can easily repair it and have you back to living your life to the fullest.
  5. Reducing sensitivity: When your tooth is affected by decay, it can increase your tooth's sensitivity, making eating and drinking painful. Our conservative composite fillings reinforce your teeth and decrease sensitivity to hot and cold.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

When you visit our practice, Dr. Wu will begin by conducting an initial assessment. By closely examining your teeth, gums, and jawbones, she'll determine if you're an ideal candidate for composite resin fillings. Once we've decided to move forward, our dental team will numb the area around your tooth and remove any decay or damaged material. You can rest assured that we'll leave any tooth enamel that doesn't need to be taken out.

Our dentist will then prepare your tooth and apply a bonding agent to its surface. Once the resin has been placed, she'll use a special dental light to cure and harden the composite material. Dr. Mu will sculpt and shape your resin from there to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Finally, she'll polish the resin and ask how it feels in your smile.

Conservative Composites FAQs

It's common to have questions about our conservative composite fillings. That's why our dental team is here to provide answers and information to help you feel at ease throughout the entire process. Some of the most frequently asked questions about composite fillings include:

How do I care for my new fillings?

Conservative composite fillings are popular for low maintenance, and you don't have to change your lifestyle to accommodate them. We recommend you brush your teeth twice daily and regularly visit our practice to ensure that your fillings are performing as intended.

Feeling slight discomfort after you've received your new fillings is normal. However, any discomfort should go away soon after the procedure has been completed.

If you stay on top of your oral care and dental checkups, you can expect your fillings to last anywhere from 7-10 years.

Redmond Conservative Composite Fillings for You

At Redmond Dental, we're proud to provide composite fillings to help restore the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Whether you've gotten fillings in the past or this would be your first time, our friendly dental team is here to help you feel relaxed and confident. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and find out how our Redmond conservative composite fillings can help your smile!